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A Research on the Effect of Watching Chinese Films on the Development of Language Skills of Indonesian Learners of Chinese

by Selvianti, B.A., MTCSOL. 罗安娜
(NIDN. 0424119201)




关键词: 中国电影 印尼汉语学习者 语言技能


After the Reformation the relations between China and Indonesia have been constantly improving. Along with the improvement of the relationship between the two countries, Chinese movies have spread to Indonesia and have already received a welcome from the Indonesian people. Watching Chinese movies is not only a recreational activity, it can also become an alternative way of learning the Chinese language. Movies are a combination of sound, image and language, therefore watching Chinese films can provide Chinese language learners a context close to authentic.

The main objective of this research is to find out how helpful to the Indonesian students in terms of the development of language skills watching Chinese movies can be. In the last chapter the author provides four principles of learning Chinese through watching movies as well as lists of recommended Chinese movies for learners of different levels.

The author hopes that the results of the research presented in this paper will become in handy to Indonesian students learning Chinese and will help them understand how to improve their Chinese language skills through watching Chinese films.

Key Words: Chinese films Indonesian learners of Chinese Language skills

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