ABA Internasional Bandung

万隆国际外语学院汉语系 学习者状况调查研究

Analysis on Chinese Program Students of ABA Internasional

by Sophiani Regina, B.A., MTCSOL. 曾秀娜
(NIDN. 0422108401)


通过借鉴学者们的研究成果,结合分析学生和教师的问卷调查结果,加上对学院的其它第一手资料、印尼政府规定和中国汉办的标准,笔者对万隆国际外语学院汉语系教学情况进行实地调查与研究,从中发现的与学生有关的问题包括:学生流失和生源紧缺;与学生汉语学习有关的问题,包括校外缺乏语言环境,学习难点包括语音、语法、词汇和汉字,最难掌握“听”和“说”技能,活动少;教学设施不够齐全;缺乏专业人士管理。 对问题提出的相应建议包括:扩大招生,智慧招生;学生该对适合自己的学习风格和习惯加以了解;要明确与课程、学习者和教师相关的标准;学院管理的优化,尽可能聘请教育管理专家来管理学院教务。 本文的局限在于资料方面缺乏对万隆国际外语学院领导和管理人的访谈和毕业生用人单位的调查。希望这研究成果对其他研究印尼高校汉语教学状况的学者有参考价值。



Through combining previous scholars’ research results, analysis results of students and teachers’ questionnaire survey, with first-hand information on ABA Internasional, Indonesia Government regulations, China Hanban’s standards, researcher went on this research journey, to later finding out ABA Internasional’s students current learning problems including: students loss and shortage, Chinese learning problems (students lacking language environment outside school, learning difficulties (in order: voice, grammar, vocabulary, characters), hard time mastering "listening" and "speaking" skills), few student activities) ; facilities not complete, some academy’s rules have not been properly implemented, management need strengthening.

Suggestions recommended includes: expanded admissions, wise promotion, students ought to understand their own learning style and habits, school leaders to be clear on courses, learners and teachers standard, as well as optimization of school’s management and employ educational management specialists to manage the academy.

Limitations of this article lies in the lack of interview results from ABA Internasional’s leaders and management personnel and survey results of graduates’ employers. Hereby sincerely hope that this research’s current result can be of some reference for other scholars conducting Chinese Higher Education research.

Keywords : Bandung; Higher Education; Chinese Language Education, Chinese Learners

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