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基于移动交流工具的汉语教学设计 ——以印尼万隆汉语补习班成人班为例

Chinese Teaching Design Base on Mobile Chatting Take Adult Class Chinese Cram School in Indonesia as an Example

by Tati Sugiarti, S.S., MTCSOL. 苏蒂
(NIDN. 0411107903)


At present, more and more people learning Chinese in Indonesia, but less people choose Chinese as they professional; most people choose to learn Chinese at Chinese language cram class. Learning Chinese at Chinese language cram class the efficiency is low, the students learning a long time Chinese, but the student can’t improved they Chinese level, and in daily life can’t using Chinese language. The reason is because of the limited time and the interval time learns Chinese too long, so they Chinese improve not so obvious. To improve Chinese teaching effect is one of the problems should be solved in the teaching of Chinese in Indonesia Chinese language cram school.

Chinese teaching in Indonesia classes basically happens in a classroom; rarely do after-school (extracurricular) activities. In fact, according to the “Chinese as a second language teaching in teaching Chinese as a second language”, mainly through classroom teaching and extracurricular activities to achieve, so Chinese teaching should not only in the classroom, but also should arrange an extracurricular activities, the combination of the two can get better learning effect.

With the emergence of mobile chatting tools, so that we can see the possibility of solving problems in Chinese cram school in Indonesia. Some mobile chatting has been very popular, so can consider whether it will be used as a tool to organize students study in classroom, then do extracurricular activities using mobile chatting. This paper will discuss the feasibility of using mobile chatting for teaching Chinese design, and take adult class Chinese cram school in Indonesia as an example. Based on the theory of mobile learning, in the future teaching design will combine the traditional classroom teaching and extracurricular teaching this will attempt a preliminary teaching design.

The research content of this paper consists of five parts, the first part introduces the purpose and significance of the research and research overview, and the terms involved in the paper are defined. The second part is mainly to discuss the feasibility of the implementation using mobile chatting at Chinese cram school in Indonesia. Based on actual teaching and learning at Chinese cram school, Indonesia student using mobile chatting situation, and discuss the suitability the characteristic of mobile learning, the characteristic of learning second language and other aspect. The third part is based on the discussed of theory, design a supplementary Chinese teaching base on mobile chatting method and the design of the process. The fourth part is take one of text as an example, then makes a supplementary Chinese teaching design base on mobile chatting, who will supplement traditional teaching in the classroom and fit on the characteristic of teaching at Chinese cram school in Indonesia.

The fifth part is the conclusion of this paper. The innovation of this paper is to research using mobile phone network platform such as mobile chatting for teachers and learners engage in teaching and learning. This research is creation mixed teaching Chinese classroom activities design and Chinese learning design using mobile chatting for extracurricular activities, hope this Chinese teaching design base on mobile chatting can adapt to the development of Chinese teaching, can improve the students learning, teaching methods and the improvement of teachers and also can improve the effectiveness of Chinese language teaching.

【Key Words】Chinese cram school, Chinese Language, Design Teaching, Mobile Chatting

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