ABA Internasional Bandung


Analysis on Chinese Program Students of ABA Internasional

by Sophiani Regina, B.A., MTCSOL. 曾秀娜

Through combining previous scholars’ research results, analysis results of students and teachers’ questionnaire survey, with first-hand information on ABA Internasional, Indonesia Government regulations, China Hanban’s standards, researcher went on this research journey, to later finding out ABA Internasional’s students current learning problems including: students loss and shortage, Chinese learning problems (students lacking language environment outside school, learning difficulties (in order: voice, grammar, vocabulary, characters), hard time mastering “listening” and “speaking” skills), few student activities) ; facilities not complete, some academy’s rules have not been properly implemented, management need strengthening.

Analysis on Chinese Program Lecturers of ABA Internasional

by Sophiani Regina, B.A., MTCSOL. 曾秀娜

This paper is based on Bandung’s International Foreign Language Academy (ABA Internasional) Chinese teaching situation, through combining literature research, questionnaire and analysis as this paper’s research method, researcher went on this research journey, and found these problems regarding academy’s Chinese lecturers: lack of full-time- lecturers, Chinese teaching problems (when teaching new lesson, speech’s speed is too fast, lack of authority in front of students; College has not a good teachers’training programme, lack opportunities in participating in teaching related lecture and training, part curriculum and textbooks need auditing; incomplete facilities, management need strengthening (no professional in school’s management).

Chinese Teaching Design Base on Mobile Chatting Take Adult Class Chinese Cram School in Indonesia as an Example

by Tati Sugiarti, S.S., MTCSOL. 苏蒂

At present, more and more people learning Chinese in Indonesia, but less people choose Chinese as they professional; most people choose to learn Chinese at Chinese language cram class. Learning Chinese at Chinese language cram class the efficiency is low, the students learning a long time Chinese, but the student can’t improved they Chinese level, and in daily life can’t using Chinese language. The reason is because of the limited time and the interval time learns Chinese too long, so they Chinese improve not so obvious. To improve Chinese teaching effect is one of the problems should be solved in the teaching of Chinese in Indonesia Chinese language cram school.

A Research on the Effect of Watching Chinese Films on the Development of Language Skills of Indonesian Learners of Chinese​

by Selvianti, B.A., MTCSOL. 罗安娜

After the Reformation the relations between China and Indonesia have been constantly improving. Along with the improvement of the relationship between the two countries, Chinese movies have spread to Indonesia and have already received a welcome from the Indonesian people. Watching Chinese movies is not only a recreational activity, it can also become an alternative way of learning the Chinese language. Movies are a combination of sound, image and language, therefore watching Chinese films can provide Chinese language learners a context close to authentic.

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